We are so pleased that you would like to know more about becoming a Pregnancy Yoga and / or Hypnobirthing Teacher with The Happy Little  Company.

We are so excited to have founded The Happy Little Company, we know that we can make a real difference to the way that women become mothers, and in turn how they can feel supported throughout their own journey through parenthood.

How does it work?

Our key focus has been to create a training programme that is totally flexible, and fits around you and your own family.  We believe as professionals we are all capable, and best placed to decide the best way of sharing the information and supporting our clients.  The needs of the clients are paramount, not everyone has had the same previous experience and one client’s needs can be very different to another.

So you will have access to a teaching manual, client handouts and additional resources such as MP3s.

You will be part of a closed Facebook community for teachers where we can all learn and share together.  You will also be supported with regular training and face-to-face teacher meet-ups.  

You will be a part of The Happy Little Company community, and will be welcomed to participate and become involved in our growth.

Your Training

Depending on your interests, prior experience and qualifications, there are a number of training modules that you can choose to undertake.

All training is undertaken with external training organisations with individuals who are experts in their field. This ensures you receive the highest level of training, and you’ll feel confident ahead of teaching your first class.

You can pick and choose which areas of expertise you’d like to pursue further.

As the external training is not specific to The Happy Little Company, you can continue to use this training should you wish to leave the company in future.

New Teacher Support Package

All teachers  will attend a face-to-face company induction which will introduce you to The Happy Little Company HQ and make you feel part of the team, right from day one.

In addition to your training, you’ll also receive:

  • Access to our Slack community (a digital direct line to HQ), especially for teachers and The Happy Little Company HQ staff
  • Monthly one-to-one support calls in your first 12 months, to review your business, growth and next steps 
  • Workshops covering business topics such as HMRC Self-Assessent (tax returns), pensions and personal growth
  • Downloadable templates to help you setup, monitor and grow your business

Initial Fees

All training is to be paid for by the individual. Please check with the individual training providers for current course fees.

Ongoing Fees

Ongoing fees will be a fixed 10% of class revenue. This enables access to:

  • online booking systems
  • regularly updated client and teacher manuals 
  • digital brand assets for advertising
  • “always on” digital advertising eg Google Ads
  • name@happylittlecompany.co.uk email address

A monthly report will be shared with all teachers, advising how fees have been spent, and any proposed changes for future spending. The fixed fee is subject to an annual review and possible increase.

Self Employment

All teachers for The Happy Little Company are self-employed, and it’s the teacher’s responsibility to ensure they are following the HMRC correct procedures for self-employment.

You can find out more by visiting the HMRC website here

As part of the New Teachers Support Package, we will guide you through setting up your business.

Next Steps

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a chat to discuss further.

Our company inductions take place several times a year, we can advise you when this will be based on your individual training programme.