Our classes

Pregnancy yoga focuses on the balance between the mind, body and breath. This balance is created through physical exercises and postures (asanas) breathing exercises (pranayama) relaxation and meditation

At The Happy Little Company all teachers have completed the 85hr Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Sally Parkes. This course is fully certified by FEDANT and The Yoga Alliance UK.

Our pregnancy yoga classes are gentle and safe for all women in their second and third trimesters, whether they are new to yoga or have years of practice. The classes allow women to step out of their day-to-day busy lives and find the time to reconnect with themselves, their changing bodies and their babies.

We offer both group and private classes that are suitable for both first-time mothers, and those that already have children.

Our group class are currently offered in Leeds and Doncaster.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

  • Each class helps to alleviate common ailments experienced during pregnancy such as fatigue, backpain, heartburn, oedema and pelvic girdle pain – ensuring you can remain as comfortable as possible during your pregnancy
  • Gentle flows encourage baby into the best position for their birth, the Optimal Foetal Position (OFP)
  • Prepare your body for labour with gentle moves; prepare your mind for labour by learning breathing and relaxation practice
  • Feel calmer and relaxed, which in turn will aid improved sleep 
  • Relax and gently stretch your body
  • Take time to bond and connect with your baby
  • Meet other mothers-to-be, and share experiences in a supportive and relaxed environment
  • Finish each class with relaxation (Savasana), the opportunity to clear your mind and prepare emotionally for the week ahead