When we first set the company up, we were primarily focused on helping pregnant women feel confident, prepared and relaxed for their birthing day. We’ve had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of women at our weekly classes and workshops, and we’ll be launching our online pregnancy yoga course shortly.

As a company we’ve evolved, along with the women and families we’ve met on our journey. We know where our strengths lie (mainly in Corpse Pose – yoga joke, sorry!) but we also recognise that many of the women that have enjoyed our classes would like a follow on class that they can enjoy with their baby.

We’re delighted to announce that today we’ve agreed a brand partnership with Activity Angels, a Yorkshire based company with over twenty years experience in planning and delivering events to both the public and private sector.

Their current baby play classes run in Leeds, Harrogate and Huddersfield and are aimed at babies aged from 6 to 24 months.

We love the “learning-through-play” elements, the beautiful, sustainable toys that are used in classes, and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere. It’s a truly unique class and we feel privileged to work with Activity Angels – we’re excited about what’s to come!

Parents with more than one child can attend with both babies and toddlers – wonderful news.

To book your space check out their website here


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