A lot of people ask the question, is there any point in doing hypnobirthing if I’ve already had a baby and the answer is absolutely yes.

For those second, third (or even higher) time parents that we have taught, they have all come away thinking that there are things that they will do differently when it comes to birth the next time. Every birth is a unique experience, and hypnobirthing will equip you with the tools and techniques to manage the different routes a birth may take.

We’ve also heard ‘I wish I’d have known this the first time’. There is so much to learn about birth and how the system works, therefore, its always investing your time into regardless of how many babies you have.

Our group workshops run either over a full weekend, or on a weekday evening over the course of several weeks. If you’d like to book a space in either our Leeds or Doncaster venues, head over to our online booking page

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