These Building our business posts are a little different to others, because it’s actually a behind-the-scenes look at how we at The Happy Little Company are building our business.

We took part in a free, 4 day course on Facebook Ads, run by the lovely Jess Tutton. She’s an Online Business & Marketing Strategist, and she’s pretty awesome.

Launch Your Course with Facebook Ads was actually very useful.

Each day Jess presented a short Facebook Live video, with the focus on a different element relating to Facebook Ads.

Day 1: Planning Party – Jess spoke about how to choose a realistic launch date, with a plan to getting there, including the 3 phases of launching.

Day 2: Pre-Launch – today was all about creating a lead-magnet – ie something that will attract new customers to your site. An offer, or freebie for example.

Day 3: Dream Leads – this focuses on the targeting element of Facebook Ads. Did you know you shouldn’t have more than one country in a campaign? Facebook will see which country is performing well and will allocate your budget there, so even more money goes to the best performing country.

Day 4: Connect and Convert – this was all about writing the right copy for your advert. She briefly told us what Facebook doesn’t like (they don’t want anyone to feel overly negative, so don’t start an ad with “Feeling frustrated with…” for example) – she even let us in on a little secret formula for writing great copy, if that’s not your strength.


In summary: We’d give this course 4 stars out of 5. All in all, a great little course which has really improved our basic understanding of Facebook Ads. What are we going to do with this new knowledge moving forward?

We’re going to run an ad to encourage more likes to our Facebook page, so we’ll report back on the success metrics at a later date. 


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