These Building our business posts are a little different to others, because it’s actually a behind-the-scenes look at how we at The Happy Little Company are building our business. The new skills and knowledge that we’ve picked up have been incredible. We’re going to start writing a few posts like this, so we can track our progress and see just how far we’ve come along this journey. Just last week we we’re learning about Facebook pixels, the week before it was Cookies and Privacy Policies. The fun never stops, right? Starting today we’ve signed up to a free, 5 day course with Jenna Kutcher “How to Grow Your Email List from ZERO-250 in One Month Flat” So why have we signed up to this? Next week sees the launch of our first online course, and we want people to know about it. And of course, we want people to buy it. We’ve worked out that if we sell 278 courses, that equates to £10k in revenue. Pretty exciting, huh? For us, this company was never set up for financial gain, it was set up to address an issue we experienced during pregnancy. However, ultimately we do have bills to pay (Teachable platform, website hosting etc) so we do need to generate a certain level of revenue. Day 1: Today we learnt about the importance of growing our email list – so that we can keep in contact with our customers, and so that if social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram have an outage (not unheard of) we won’t lose our customers entirely. Day 2: Today we learnt how we can quickly and easily we can get an offer out into the online world that is VALUABLE enough for people to trade their email address for. This is one of the reasons we offer a free, 60 minute pregnancy yoga class. Day 3: Today it’s all about creating a place for people to sign up and join – even if we didn’t have a website (which we do) we could use landing pages. Day 4: To follow Day 5: To follow

In summary: We’d give this course 4 stars out of 5. All in all, a great little course which has given us a confidence boost when it comes to building our email list and extending our reach across social media What are we going to do with this new knowledge moving forward?

We’re going to see if we can build our email list up to 250 people within the next 30 days, so we’ll report back on the success metrics at a later date. 


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